“Ana, what is going on with you and chocolate?”

We share a relationship. We’re deeply in love. Isn’t that obvious?

The truth is that chocolate is one of my favorite things in the world. It helps me whenever I need it – through the sadness and the happiness. Basically it’s always there. It relaxes me and its flavor is amazing.

Besides, there are thousands of different flavors, and c’mon, how cool is that?! Dark, white, milk, with almonds… Not to mention the different ways you can eat it! Cake, muffins, brownies, ice cream, cookies…

One of the most beautiful discoveries by far (at least for me) is the scientific fact of the positive effects that chocolate has on our body – it can actually help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems, reduce the blood pressure, its correlated with lower body mass index, brain stimulator…

Now, isn’t that a beautiful list? Yeah? I knew so.

“But Ana…”

Yes, yes I know. All those good things aren’t the reason why I love chocolate so much. Besides the fact that I love its flavor, chocolate is like a friend. A dear one.

In case you don’t like chocolate, don’t worry. I’m pretty sure you have something that you rely on, like strawberries (I love them too, but I’m afraid to tell you that I’m allergic to them. Yes, sad fact, folks…), any other type of sugary like skittles and/or ice cream of a different flavor that isn’t chocolate related such as vanilla or again strawberry, or maybe you prefer salty food – whatever you like, it’s your taste and I’m pretty sure it’s great.

As I was saying: chocolate is a dear friend.

Whenever I’m happy – I eat a piece of chocolate.

Whenever there’s dessert involved – I’ll have some chocolate ice cream, for example!

Whenever I’m sad – I’ll get some chocolate to help me through my misery.

Whenever my heart gets broken – I’ll definitely have some chocolate.

“Ana… we get it.”

Yeah?! Good.

My conclusion to all this is that I either rely on chocolate when I feel like having some or whenever nothing else makes me feel good about myself. Probably it’s a weird thing to say, but chocolate does make things better.

No, it doesn’t tell me that I’m awesome for the sake of my ego, I really wish I had a better ego, rather say wish I had one, but I don’t. It doesn’t get me back on that track that I’ve been searching for and it also doesn’t have the solution to all my problems.

Chocolate doesn’t tell me how to make things work, but it makes me believe that I can do it and that I can keep going.

Sort of what a real friend would do, you know? Someone that is always there for you no matter what you’re going through.

The thing is that chocolate doesn’t talk and sometimes when you are not in the mood to talk yourself, you can turn to it, drown in it, and forget the world while you watch a good movie or read a good book, or simply stare at the ceiling wondering about why life is the way it is: hard.

Let’s picture today: it’s Monday. Bloody Monday.

It is bloody not for the fact that it is Monday, which is normally not very appealing to anyone, but because last night was awful.

Do you know when you’re sleeping and you wake up way too many times and keep having nightmares over and over again? Yes, that’s what happened.

So! Today I am in a zombie walking mode. Ever been there, anyone? If not, I shall explain how we, victims of this very bad mood actually feel, in a ten topics list that I like to call Please, I’m in Zombie Mode:

1st: We get up more tired than what we were when we went to bed.

2nd: Eyes hurt. The dark circles beneath them are not for fun, and neither to be made fun of.

3rd: Light is just too much. Closely to walk around with sunglasses all day and everywhere, even inside the coffee shop.

4th: Voices are all just a buzz around. We keep moving and if you really want to tell us something make sure we’re really paying attention to you otherwise all your words will go to waste.

5th: Walking is something terrifying and we’re not completely sure if we’re going the right way or not. Please do guide us and don’t take it personally if our thank you sounds a little bit as a grunt.

6th: Coffee can do the work but it takes time, so please do know you’ll have to be patient (This only apply to those who drink it, which, I have to say, it’s not my case).

7th: Everything that we like to do isn’t has fun as the idea of sleeping. Don’t worry, we still love the same things, we just prefer bed for the day.

8th: Naps are the ultimate solution. We love to take a good nap. We are zombies and we are nap lovers.

9th: There’s the possibility of feeling better after the nap. If we don’t, please be a darling and tell us the year we are in.

10th: A good night of sleep is all we need, so make sure not to ruin our peacefulness when the time comes.

Well, there you have it. I guess I could keep going, but for now it’s enough for you to get the point of how I’m feeling right now.

To be honest with you, I still didn’t take that nap. I was thinking about that but the time went by, and in between asking people what they are talking about because I can’t understand anything at first today (4th topic of the zombie mode list), I actually didn’t come to the point of lying down and closing my eyes.

“Instead you are here writing…”

Yes, I am here writing. It’s almost 8pm and I’m wondering…

“Ok… about what?”

Well, I’m simply thinking that chocolate is on the edge of running out.

“There she goes again…”

Alright, alright! But understand my side, for a minute, ok? Running out of chocolate is one of the worst things that could happen to a chocaholic like me. I need to know there’s enough chocolate to get me through my zombie mode and all those other inconstant moods in the future ahead, so I’ll just have to make sure to add that to the grocery list…




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