“Maybe the idea of always finding me here
Peacefully waiting in a swirl of wonders,
That you always took for granted
Is actually starting to vanish
And I can feel it falling while I wonder
If you can feel it too.
The spinning and burning
Of the slipping I never saw coming
Between my fingers and my reasons
That I tried to hold on with anger
Of seeing the end of something beautiful
Becoming a blur as the smoke of a fire
That rises to meet the dark sky, twirling
Making wonders to our eyes
While I can still see us falling
Instead of rising above our struggles
Feeling you following the smoke
Forgetting that your wings won’t work too long
And you’ll fall far away from where you left me
When you decided to leave me while I was drowning.
But when you realize that you need me
Perceiving that your wings won’t fly
If I’m not with you,
You’ll look for me where we used to be
Watching the sky with the sand beneath our feet
But you won’t find me there
And neither I’ll be dead
You’ll see, I’ll be flying alone instead.”



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