To Venture

“Where are we now
That we’ve both lost our ground?
Scared creatures wandering around
So tired that we can’t make a sound.

Unable to call for help,
Unable to reach each other’s hand
Just like we used to do then,
When we weren’t close to the end.

Spinning around us are dark memories
Dreadfully starving and driven to see,
Who we truly are underneath
As I saw you shaking your teeth.

The cold is tortuous; it wakes the pain,
As you feel your body shaking.
Walking under impetuous rain,
You start to feel your heart aching.

I am sorry it’s harder for you,
To walk on this path I’ve already been through.
I shall not interrupt but I will watch you
As I try to understand your point of view.

It is different for everyone;
Experiences are never the same.
The lessons that will come,
Will give meaning to your name.

I now see it as an adventure;
One more trip to the lowest valley.
Since it is better to venture
Than to end stuck in a dark alley.”



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