Christmas Time

“What have you seen in me
That made you sit right next to me?
As you leaned your head against my shoulder
I smiled and told you to be bolder,
A last effort and it would all be over.
Now your soft memory
Kills me as poison within my heart
As I try to perceive the meaning
Of the kindness you’ve shown from the start.
You’re not the owner of the type of beauty
That turns heads around
But I realized I would trade all the beauty
For a heart of gold
Which I am starting to believe
To be the kind of heart you own.
Since it is Christmas, I may ask
For a tiny little wish upon a lucky star
On the sky above us tonight:
With his consent, shine for both of us
And from time to time,
Let a little thought of me shine
On his loving heart
Like a warm remembrance of me
On this Christmas time.”



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