“Guilty I am in front of a trial,
I am guilty of breaking my own heart
Your Honor, I confessed just now, didn’t I?
Expectations fly and dreams are made
Everything seems perfectly great,
And my heart believes it, why would it take
Beautiful things as something unusual?
The bigger the better, the more the merrier;
I took care of a spark of hope
I watched it grow, dancing with the unknown,
I let it be free, teasing with the breeze…
Ah, it was so beautiful to believe it was real.
Imagination is far too great for me to use it,
So intriguing and easy it is to pursue it.
Your Honor, I am guilty. Guilty of believing,
Guilty of dreaming, wishing for it to come true.
Tell me your verdict, I will accept it,
Then again I can’t promise to follow it.
Ashamed I may be for a few silly dreams
That took my heart too far for it to keep beating,
But if I stop being hopeful I will lose myself.
For that, your Honor, you might as well kill me
If you forbid me from dreaming, I will no longer be living,
I’ll be doomed to my simple state of existing.”



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