I Fear

“I fear your eyes – I fear to look straight at you and I don’t know why.
I fear the way you talk – the way you sigh as you walk.
Tiny little things that would mean nothing if only I
Didn’t fear the second you say goodbye.
Leaving seems easy and pleasing, yet
I fear I won’t be able to forget
Everything you have said to me
Under the cherry blossom tree
As I watched the flowers dance with the breeze.
I will wait for when I will see you next
Today, tomorrow, someday…
I fear the wait won’t end;
I’ll never get to hug you again.
So if you ever find someone has written a text
That makes you remember a bit of yourself
I hope one day you’ll only have to look at your bookshelf
To find my name in the middle of your favorites of all times
And know that you will travel between the lines
Of most of the pages I could ever write.”



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