~ Randomly writing ~

I don’t know what to say. I don’t really have anything to say. I guess I’m sort of trying to get back to what I used to know the best – writing. Time has been flying away so fast on the last few months and it has been so hard to take a step back from it all and simply write. I miss it – do I still know how to do it? Will words escape me while I try to catch them? Will my fingers be as fast as they used to be? You won’t forget what you once knew – at least that’s what they say. The fear of being stuck, of being disconnected from a world that used to be mine, has become a weight on my heart that lately has been very hard to bear. I still think of rhymes and tales. I still plan stories in my head – mostly castles in the air. I’m still the same, even if I have changed. I’m sure that whatever I will end up writing from now on will reflect it better than I can explain. Or maybe not, but let’s think positively, shall we?

With Love,


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