Sunday Sunny Thoughts – July, 10

1◊ I read this quote once – it was all it took for me to take a step back and think. Like a punch in the stomach. Like a wake-up call.

Is it an egotistical and self-centered thought? Some may say so. To me, it reminded me how little I credit myself for who I am. I believe the purpose of this quote is to make us realize how poorly we love ourselves – at least that’s the way I feel about it.

As an insecure person I can easily make a list of things I hate about myself. What I love about myself? Now there’s something hard to say. I tend to believe that everything I do will never be good enough – I believe I’m not good enough to succeed and conquer my dreams. This quote made me take a step back and take a look at how far I have actually come.

Learning to love ourselves takes time, but it is important to realize our self-worth. Loving ourselves will boost our confidence and step by step we will feel more comfortable in our own skin, knowing we can reach our goals with hard work and commitment.

Remember to love yourself! Do something for yourself today. Go outside, enjoy the sun, dance, laugh, listen to some good music. Have some chocolate and remember you are worth it.

With Love,


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