Sunday Sunny Thoughts – September, 4

3(2)◊ Confession: I have been struggling with this Sunday’s post for a few days, so if you are reading this – spoiler alert – I did it! I managed to write something in time.

When I came to think about it properly, I realized this quote does mean a lot to me. You might know the feeling of always wishing for the best – we all do it. We want it all to go well and –let’s be honest – most of the time life never goes the way we want it too. That’s alright, we say, trying to toughen up when actually we are torn inside. And that’s when this quote comes in – we all go through some stormy sea from time to time, but that’s just life making us better sailors. You might blame the tides, but you got to learn to sail through them if you want to keep going. And you’ll learn as you go – no one knows all there is to know, every single storm is different and it’ll make you stronger and thankful for each brand new day ahead.

I now deserve a chocolate.

With Love,


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