Sunday Sunny Thoughts – October, 2

62◊ I wonder… who is at fault whenever joy is nowhere to be found? Us or joy? Now, this might seem pathetic to even consider that joy has a conscious of her own and decides to come around whenever it pleases her but the truth is – at least for me – that sometimes she just appears to be an excellent player of hide and seek! I’m no good when it comes to games, she automatically wins every time.

Nevertheless, I spent last week thinking about this quote and trying my very best to look around and find joy in ordinary – inside an hideous bus on my way back home feeling the weight on my tired legs while the sweat glue my clothes to my back strengthening my wish of wanting to be home fast; during all those classes that seem perfectly great to fall asleep in the middle because the memory of my bed seems more attractive to think of (talk about long distance relationships, my bed and I are definitely one).

I must confess it wasn’t easy to keep an open mind about the possibility of finding joy on my day to day activities. I never expected it to be easy. But – and sometimes the fact that there’s always a but is really cheerful – I still consider last week as one of the most joyful ones I’ve had in a long time. Perhaps it was the fact of being busy or the chats I had with so many different people that improved the outcome of my week. All I know is that I do strongly believe everything good that happens starts to build up a tower of joy for us to look back at and realize one thing – Joy is indeed everywhere; we just have to make sure we keep our eyes open to catch her while she’s working.

With Love,


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