Sunday Sunny Thoughts – September, 17

This is the first Sunday Sunny Thoughts published at night. Bear with me on this one, will you? I ask you kindly as I offer you a chocolate. Let’s have a chat.

Do you want to know the dreadful news I got today? I found out the book store in my college – the one that finds and sells the uncanny and rare books our teachers demands us to read – is actually closed. Plus, the reopening appears to be schedule on an uncertain date in the future, let alone the mystery of who will help us with our miserable hunts for books. I’m afraid misfortune likes to tease me on Sundays (if you’ve read last Sunday’s post you know what I mean…)

This fact has led me to do my own research and after a few hours I had a mission for myself this afternoon – to find a book. Which I did successfully! Take that, misfortune!

Although my great accomplishment, I’m still not feeling the amusement of classes. The whole craziness starts all over again tomorrow and I couldn’t be lacking more energy and enthusiasm.

I’m far from being ready.

I’m not set.

And yet… I’m going.

With Love,


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