To Go – a wish

“Have you ever felt the sun on your skin
And wished you were in that place
You have always dreamed of?
Be that a beach in the summer
Or a mountain in the winter,
Sand or snow, hot or cold,
Have you ever wished to simply go?
To let go of everything
And set off on your own?

Wild and adventurous or not,
I look at my days and they all look
Pretty much the same
And, to be honest,
Going into madness is
No fun game to play.

I dwell into my wish to go,
But I have responsibilities
And a weight on my shoulders
To attend to.
So I hope one day
I may be able to
Take on the adventure
And go to that place
I have always dreamed of,
Under the sun
Dreaming of the moon
Free of worries,
A peaceful feeling I never knew…”



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