“I made myself a promise
That I sadly couldn’t keep.
The weight fell down
On my shoulders
And I felt like
I couldn’t breathe.

Unmet expectations
Shattered me into glass,
Barefoot walking isn’t safe
But my heartache
Is the greatest of my pains.

Can no one understand?
Some actually can,
But one thing is to be
Someone else and not yourself,
Watching on the sidelines
And not playing the game.

I have to face the consequences
Of the failure of an exhausted body
That couldn’t possible have reached
What could only be achieved
On a perfect world,
Where no one I know lives in.”


Failures are a part of life I believe it is safe to say that we all wish to forget as fast as possible. We must remember life is made of ups and downs and everything will soon get better again.

Tonight, I send you a hug and a chocolate to lift up your spirits. We can all do better tomorrow.

With Love,


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