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“Three hundred and four opportunities gone
And I still feel lost; I’m sorry for being a disappointment
I get unsure of myself very easily
Don’t mind the amount of times I call myself silly.

I’m once again uncertain about life,
The way it all turned around
Just doesn’t seem right.
I feel dizzy and I know I’ve lost sight
Of what have always made me fight.

So I try to stand my ground
To find what I’ve lost to turn all this around,
I must make myself stronger again
To get it all back together in the end.

As I sit here I wonder,
Will I move forward in November
Or will I keep walking backwards
And fall right into depression?

First day of sixty one, and all I’ve own
Is not mine anymore to hold,
Setting free of what I have
And of what I might have been,
In sixty one days I shall rewrite
And recreate myself.”


I feel like I should say something but I guess all that matters now is that I’m planning to get back on posting more often again. I honestly hope I can keep this up once again and hopefully that will mean you’ll see me more around here, reading and commenting all the wonderful work I have been missing, in the last couple of months.

Wishing you all a great November and happy writing!

With Love,


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