In my farewell

“In my farewell I bid you goodbye
With tears trying to leave my eyes,
I play tough as hard as I can
But I have never felt this scared.

Heartbeat racing, I try to ignore it
Talking faster than I can breathe,
I run faster so to break the spell
Of missing a name I, again, shan’t ever spell.

I feel the nostalgia of moments
We will never get to share
On this tumultuous farewell
I fail to recollect myself.

I finally gather up all my broken pieces
Trying to mend the ones you touched carelessly,
As I keep all my doubts locked within my heart
For future notice and a late-night cry.

Hang in there, little girl,
Sometimes you are better on your own.
Toughen up, little girl,
You’re a strong woman of this world.”



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