Head first

“I jumped head first into the ocean of your love –
Being deceived by the deepness of your whole,
I forgot the darkness sometimes can also be cold.

The void I found within the core of your heart
Made me feel afraid to the bones
And the root I thought led home
Only brought me emptiness and sorrow.

I know I don’t know much but I know enough to see
That I cannot save someone who isn’t ready to leave the open sea,
Too used to the storms and his own salty tears,
Living a life of tragedy because that’s all he knows,
Forgetting there are more seas besides his own…

You have kept me stranded in your stormy waves
For far too long, solely for your own twisted good
And even though I might no longer be able to sail alone
I have always known how to walk away on my own.

Don’t blame me for the monsters you keep feeding,
It’s your job to plant corals instead of creating demons.
Don’t blame me for choosing myself, diminishing the time I have spent
Trying to make you happy, to please you with a life filled with content
When in the end, you have not looked up to see the beam of light
I so eagerly tried to warm you and grant you with…”



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