Some nights

“Some nights, I catch myself
Wishing you knew I loved you
Back when you said you didn’t know me
Making me wonder what was left to say after a year.

Now I think I see it, I truly believe I now get it,
You were right, after all you are the one that’s wise,
And I’ve come to accept we don’t know each other –
We are mere teardrops too far apart in the ocean.

To you, my heart’s a black hole
A void you will never get to know;
To me, your eyes only get to see
What you think you have at your reach.

Far from knowing the taste of your lips
I can only guess a taste of someone else’s lipstick,
As I wish you weren’t so oblivious
To the deepest feelings of others.

I shall keep going forward
But I’ll save a piece of you in my heart
Even though you are now silent,
Perhaps one day, it might help you finding your way back.”



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