Broken record

“Another day, another chance
For the tip of my fingers to dance
On my computer’s keys,
The piano to my reveries.

Having the summer rain
As my mighty companion,
I let my thoughts wander,
Slipping fast like a drop of water.

Your name has a ring to it,
I’m familiar with it by now
Even though I’m not very fond
Of how you linger in me still.

A music box circles round and round –
It is you – it is you my heart has found
Once under the rain, how messy it all sounds…
Now, so far from the ground, I’ll touch the clouds.

Alas, I’m a broken record
Handcrafted by the heartache
Going through the pain
Thinking over and over again:
I know I’ve learned from it,
But I won’t miss it;
I know I will move pass it,
But I shan’t forget it…”



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