In-between our lines

“Today, I came back to overlook the vines
As I get ready to, the Summer, say goodbye,
Thinking how all our trying times
Have stranded us in-between our lines.

Mesmerizing way to stop a glimpse of you
In time – even though the hourglass keeps turning
Like the sand that slips through our fingers
On the last beach day of this season.

Days are shorter and I now wonder
How will I cope as your silence gets longer?
A far off helping hand I lost for another,
Leaving me pacing back and forth, missing a stranger.

Alone I’ve been and I’ll continue my growth like the vinery,
Knowing all there’s left for me to do is hope the memory
Of me, that will remain lost in-between your long-forgotten pages
Will make you, one day, reminisce about the girl you knew for ages…”



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