Sea of words

“I’m not the good girl you think I am,
There’s so much more hidden underneath my skin –
If you only knew, you could touch the sky,
But treasures need secrecy,
So I better stop you before you steal mine.

I’m a sailor, a master at travelling
This sea of words you think you know;
Here, there are storms that revive me,
Dead seas that poison me,
But, above all, the worlds I’ve seen
Make it all worth living.

More than anything, it is for words I stay alive,
So don’t think you know what’s inside my mind –
Judging the book by the cover isn’t working,
And, of me, you’ve barely had a taste of my ocean.

Stay in your lane, city boy, and our worlds won’t crush
What others, for years, have fought to protect for us,
When all I ever wanted was to be miles away from here,
In a place where the sea of my mind could kiss
The deep, wondrous earthly sea I dearly miss.”



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