Radio silence

“I watch closely as, slowly, our promises
Lose their light as they sink in, inch by inch,
Deeper and deeper, into the ocean –
Its waves, your radio silence.

I long for more than what I got,
Selfish I know, but we all need love,
And sometimes I still feel like I do not
Deserve to reach out my hand to hold yours.

Distance breaks me slyly at dawn,
Leaving me thinking I know less than what I ought
To be able to call your name once more,
So I close myself up and leave the shore.

Both you and your silence come along,
It takes more than turning my back to forget you,
Yet, for you, it seems as easy as sailing off;
Too bad its my boat you took and I let you.

Now that is Spring, I’ll be fine on land,
Finding the spots where I planted my seeds a year ago
Sounds wise, so I will be strong and hold on
As I learn to bloom like the news buds I own.”



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