The rhythm of my own steps

“My eyes adjust to the light,
When the sun’s out, hope rises,
Kaleidoscope of colours on walls and canvas,
Little, simple things become day to day art.

I hold and mend my heart
With folklore and rhymes,
Dancing absentmindedly to tunes
That give meaning to my day and night.

On my own, I may have been hurting,
But on my own, I have been whole, never lonely,
Learning the rhythm of my own steps when it’s cold,
Dancing to the rhythm of my own steps when it’s warm…”


I seek

“I seek the path of peace,
The moment when no one speaks,
The twinkling, dazingly lights
Getting through the window at night.

I seek the path of wonder,
The rhymes that glitter every poem,
The rhythm of steps echoing heartbeats
Of lovers running towards happiness.

I seek the path of love,
The warm hand that holds the coldest one,
The heart-to-heart conversations
That bloom despite the distance.

I seek my own path,
Tiptoeing through instants
Of moments and people,
Knowing every slip of a second
Can dictate a new future…”



“I sit down to write my sorrows
With the blues playing on the radio,
But words seem to have deserted me,
Perhaps they have flown towards another
Leaving me waiting here, empty hearted.

Under the sun, my mind’s a desert
And I am thirsty for new adventures
That could lead me somewhere better
Than this tiresome, ordinary madness.

And if, by noon, I am at risk
Of becoming even more delusional,
I hope my merciful soul will remind me
That mirages of you will turn into my elegy.”


Blue flame

“I broke you by leaving
And by being someone you couldn’t tame,
Having felt my coldness in your bones,
I was the blue of your flame.

You broke me by lying
And by dusting my hands with blame
Of dooming our castle in the sky to ruins,
You, too, are now the blue of my flame.”


Is it Spring?

“Is it Spring my eyes are seeing?
Is it its singsong ravens are bringing?

The sun warms my bones,
I’ve been freezing for too long,
Is this the end of winter and its icy cold?

The leaves are green, the birds are chirping,
They haven’t seen white here where we’re living,
But just like me they have witnessed
The rain of my soul as I fell into stillness…

Like a tale as old as time,
The weather is foretelling
A change from the greyest of skies
To the clear blue of an angel’s eyes.”



“When I dream with you,
Paradise turns blue,
I’m an angel you never knew,
Are you the hero of my rescue?

My heart still longs for you,
Will you come back to tell me
You miss me too?
And then renew
Everything that felt so new?

But even in my dreams,
You remain distant,
Scarcely acknowledging each other’s presence
Before slipping into oblivion…”


So now

“You ask for patience
But I never had any,
Feel my turbulence
That’s all I have inside me.

Because you broke me
And blamed me for it,
As I fell down alone
You turned your back like I’m no one.

So now I’m fire
Burning our memories into ashes,
Screaming to the sky
I’m the winner in all our matches.”