Autumn comes to us

“Autumn comes to us smoothly,
Like a friend that wants to catch up
Under blankets on the couch, staying up
Until the moon gives way to daylight.

The vibes get darker but we’re still bright –
Eager for cosiness, we romanticize
All that, in us, an interest might rise,
After all, behind grey clouds, there’s still sunshine.

As I see leaves starting to leave their branch,
I confess, I hold on to everything I can,
Hoping that until we reach next Spring
My imagination may always be evergreen.”


In-between our lines

“Today, I came back to overlook the vines
As I get ready to, the Summer, say goodbye,
Thinking how all our trying times
Have stranded us in-between our lines.

Mesmerizing way to stop a glimpse of you
In time – even though the hourglass keeps turning
Like the sand that slips through our fingers
On the last beach day of this season.

Days are shorter and I now wonder
How will I cope as your silence gets longer?
A far off helping hand I lost for another,
Leaving me pacing back and forth, missing a stranger.

Alone I’ve been and I’ll continue my growth like the vinery,
Knowing all there’s left for me to do is hope the memory
Of me, that will remain lost in-between your long-forgotten pages
Will make you, one day, reminisce about the girl you knew for ages…”


Can you tell

“Here we go again back into the rush:
I’m slow motion, but you push forward –
Circling on the edge of each other’s boundaries,
Trying not to set fire to the best of our memories.

Between us, the road not taken
Will always remain abandoned;
We’re sardonically content to play the same cards,
We’re not very good with the aim of our darts.

Tears and blood and dreams and hearts,
We got them all dancing round and round;
Can you tell how I feel this far from the sound
Coming out of the verses I call my art?”


Dreamland – Act II

“In my dreamland, I sit at shore,
Where reality has not yet caught
Me, unexpectedly by the ankle
To pull me out of the silence you left for me to handle.

The skies above me are still lilac,
I prefer it that way – it suits my liking, –
As I wonder more and more what could I say
In a letter to you that would have made you stay.

So I came up with a plan:
My message in a bottle is a key –
If, one day, you find it by the sea,
I hope it will lead you back to me.”


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Still Summer

“Rain has come but it is still Summer,
Even if only for a few days,
Let us not wish time away;
Pumpkin candles and sweater weather
Will come to us soon anyway.

Don’t take it all for granted –
Time flies by and life has no mercy –
Tides can change before you notice,
Washing the shore as you lose your focus.

Peace turns to chaos before you know it,
Like the white noise of a tape recorder
That goes on and on with no voiceover
To hauntingly come back to us as a warning
Of how all that we know still means nothing.”


September is finally here

“September is finally here,
Another trip down rapid streams
Of nothing, or so it seems;
Sometimes, the signs aren’t quite clear.

Deceit planted with a rotted seed
Gets all the water it can for mischief,
Sprouting poisonous fruits and sharp leaves –
From it, you’ll never get what you need.

Life’s tough but, darling, so are we,
Endings can come but we still got seeds
To plant in abandoned fields of dried weeds,
Spreading out spots of colour as we gaze at the sea.”


I’ll let time go on

“You’re happy now you have found the one;
Drifting away, for months I saw the seasons change
And knew deep down you had found someone,
As the silence you gifted me bloomed with ache.

From special, I went down to nothing;
Just a page that grew old in your book,
Records of conversations vanishing,
A chapter long gone, to you, overdue.

My heart is strong and I am happy for you,
But there are things that we can’t overlook
So, I’ll let time go on stretching the distance,
Fading out our memories from existence…”


After an up, a down

“After an up, a down must follow –
Shades of grey painting a heart a bit hollow,
As I acknowledge my eerie blue shadow
Aiming to find the sad tunes station on the radio.

At twilight, I’m surrounded by nothingness:
A wary silence punctuated by tears of sadness;
Such a gloomy end to a bad day, I must reckon,
Yet, every dark cloud can drift away any second.

Scribbles of hope are born with ink,
Verses pouring down as I try not to think –
No muse, no outcome of any worth,
I just want to believe this is what I’m meant to do on earth…”


Stained glass

“Pigments of many colours
Stranded on my window –
A kaleidoscope born out
Of a hidden water drop.

Improvised stained glass
Cheering my golden hour,
Making it my personal happy hour,
Swiping all that so far has felt sour.

Before the night falls, shower me in joy
So I may, for once, forget all we destroy,
For being each on the far end of a spectrum,
Apart and with no sense of direction…”