Pen to paper

“The dust on my pen, gloomily, reminds me
That I have been failing it,
Too weak to give it time, afraid it has forgotten me
Like a winter day, at sunset, loses its heat.

I came back, stumbling with unease,
Trying to reassure myself that words don’t leave,
And, like a bird that fleas its nest,
Where the heart is, the mind will do the rest.

Pen to paper, paper to heart,
Words, like birds will fly,
Just like it was at the start,
At fifteen, searching in life, for all the reasons why…”



The heart knows

“Torn, in the middle of the meadow,
At a clearing with no clear arrow,
The heart speaks of doubts
Unable to guess its whereabouts.

No compass will suffice,
At least the heart knows this,
For the unknown spins the needle
In a way that can only be called idle.

The earth remains still and silent,
But a heart that seeks miles to no end
Knows that, even afraid, it has to try,
For wings might get broken but they still want to fly…”


Sunny winter days

“Sunny winter days, ease my mind,
I no longer want to leave anything behind
As I stare at the birds playing in the sky,
No longer needing to know reasons and whys.

My veins try to forget the cold
Filling themselves with strength from the sun,
So I can find new ways to hold
Happiness, in songs I never sung.

I want to believe all will get better
And bad days will never
Slowly haunt me down
When the winter sun goes down…”


Another year, another search

“Cold, silver dust on my window,
Reflecting flecks of what I don’t know,
For the more I see, the less I know,
And the less I care, the more I grow.

Another year, another search unknown
For what, again, I still don’t know,
But the path is made by moving forward,
So all I need to do is leave the past in order to be stronger.

Step by step, I shall go,
Be free to join so you’re not alone,
Let us hope for joy in a place called home,
A tiny corner in the world we can call our own…”


When do we know

“When do we know how life will be
Fleeting, passing by so quickly,
Leaving nothing behind but a memory
Of what once was and no longer will be.

When do we know how life will be
Meaningless, yet full of meaning,
Leaving nothing behind but lessons
Of what once had no rhymes nor reasons.

When do we know how life will be
Simple, balancing on our own complexities,
Leaving nothing behind but a long list
Of what once kept us up at night overthinking.

When do we know how life will be
Nothing yet everything,
Leaving nothing behind but dust
Of what once was stardust on its way down to earth.”


Wish you a Christmas as merry as it can be

“Songs are playing on the radio
Chiming jolly carols on stereo,
Whilst the lights in the tree twinkle
And people on the street mingle.

Greeting the festive season
We laugh without reason,
Hoping for more than a wish
To come true, in our wishful thinking.

I don’t do much more than day dreaming,
Just another typical day in the story I am living,
But I wish you a Christmas as merry as it can be
So you can rest the weight of the world and simply be.”


In my rowing boat

“In my rowing boat
I sit and wait
For the unbreakable oath
We made to break.

In a bed of roses
I would lay and dream
Of the mist that roses
At the hands of a fairy’s whim.

But in my rowing boat
Time ticks but it’s still slower
Reminding me how much I load
To wait, willing it to come sooner.

In due time, my unbreakable heaven
Will crumble like a house of cards
And my rowing boat will know the lesson
Is to no longer wait for changes of hearts.”


Can we

“Can we get a do over
To try and go over
The lines we kept quiet
So not to start a riot?

Can we get another chance
To find the steps of this dance
And maybe, just maybe, learn
From what we didn’t earn?

I know there’s no going back to plea for,
You have moved on, closing the door
To any possible silver lining in my reaching hand,
So I watch how dust falls over my olive branch.

Reality sinks the tip of my pen
In tears that mix slowly with ink,
As longing turns words into ghosts
That shall haunt the tip of my tongue.”


Favourite lies

“Favourite lies on a spinning wheel
Swear to be your Achilles’ heel;
Ready to catch you, disguised as a wish
That promises you a way out of all of this.

Good hearts only see the best in others
But lies tend to pile on top of each other
And even the kindest of mortals
Knows, too many can only be immoral.

In the distance, one now may wonder,
Out of all your favourite lies
Which one will glisten in the eyes
Of your now favourite another?”


My way forward

“Morning rain saddens my mind
And melancholy is too hard to fight
As I feel myself succumbing to hide
From all that kept me up at night.

My sorrow becomes poignant in the icy cold
As I try to let go of what I can’t hold;
Now I know the silence that the distance foretold
Was always meant to haunt me all those years ago.

My days without a sign of you
Have been stagnant it is true,
But I’m still making my way forward
Through my own troubled waters.”