Back to the start

“Words get caught up in my throat,
They get stuck in the countless knots
Of my stranded thoughts,
All because I feel confused and lost.

My emotions are a whirlwind
Of wonders and what ifs,
Daydreaming and wishing
For betters days and more promising tomorrows
That will grant me a safety place
For me to lie down and rest.

And just so, my mind could stop spinning
For a little while, at least, just enough time
Before the rest of my problems could start crumbling
Yet again above my head, taking it all back to the start…”




“Random intertwined lives
That bump into ours unannounced,
Strangers to whom we grow close
Till the day they decide to leave us
Just as quickly as they once came
Without a heads up or a take care,
Walking towards a faraway land
To meet someone knew somewhere
That will keep them entertained
As long as they feel amused
Before they leave again.”


In the moment

“A door closes,
A window is shut,
Footsteps on the stair,
A child laughs somewhere.

All these sounds echo around me
As I stare blankly at this page;
What magical and delightful wonders
Should I write about today?

Is this what it is like to be present,
Is this how it feels to be in the moment?
To feel the air on my skin,
To hear without seeing everything,
And still breathe in deeply, slowly,
Peacefully waiting for ideas to hit me
And words to fly smoothly,
Embracing my heart
As a soft and warm scarf…”


Even when I forget

“Am I a disappointment, am I struggling way too often?
To understand who I am on this never ending road
To nowhere, towards no one…

Emptiness I have left behind comes back to haunt me
Follows me slowly, tracking me through time,
I feel haunted by myself as the mirror shows a ghost
Of someone, a pale and sad girl, I’ve never met before.

Show me a route; show me the strength I keep losing,
So I can come back stronger and fight the devil till the end,
For I’m not weak, I have won many battles in the past
Even when I forget I have, even when I forget I can…”


Mesmerizing light

“Mesmerizing light
That blinds me
Every time I try
To look up at the sky
Expecting to feel
The pleasant warmth
From the sun above
Hiding behind the clouds,
Hoping for it to embrace me
In my cold remembrance
Of loneliness and resilience,
The two binding figures
I have come to know
Throughout the darkest times
I have so far pushed through and survived.”


Fallen angels

“We shock, we collapse
We lose it all
And then come back.

Broken pieces walking,
Skipping, on side walks
Avoiding strangers,
But bold enough to maintain
The eye contact and silly conversations.

Broken souls crying out
For something more than hello,
Observing a world twisting and turning
Why are we all so out of control?

Living out of the box
Whilst being criticized for doing so,
Shrugging it off, for if we’re falling
We might as well be falling stars.

Perhaps, perhaps
We’re fallen angels
Who have always been lost
From the very start.”