Snippets of Love – The fire

“I love the autumn crispy air,
But I swear, I’m ready for Christmas and
All the city lights softly leading us
Somewhere magical with whom we trust…”
She sighed “Why do I feel like
I’m always rushing, messing up my own mind?”

He smiled “Hang in there, darling,
You’re just being human, you know?
You have to be patient even when the world
Seems to be slipping right through you,
Enjoying what you have until it lasts…
Now, let’s light the fire! Where are the matches?”


Remember this

“I see it now, I broke the glass too soon
Before you could break the seal
Of the secret I sworn I would die so to keep,
Too scared to wait for you not to be out of reach.

If I keep screwing up every time I speak,
I figured it would be best for me
To walk out the door so I did,
And you didn’t ask me not to leave.

I kept going without looking back,
Heartbroken, but not crying
Perhaps I’ve wasted all my tears in the past,
No longer letting the unexpected surprise me.

Silly of me to believe you could love me,
Silly of you to think I don’t know how it feels to love for real…
Silly of me to believe in you so sweet and caring,
Yet only when you needed me…

My dear, remember this:
For you I’ve stayed, for you I’ve cried;
For me I’ve left to heal inside.”


Five hundred years

“You said you would wait for me
Even if not soon, after five hundred years
You would still be there ready to help me
Whenever I’ve dealt with my demons and fears.

But were you really being honest?
For you have said so many things
All of them so different from the one before,
I’m left without knowing who you are when you talk.

Perhaps you won’t understand the way I feel,
Always unsure of what you want or what you mean;
Your sharp words have cut me right open
And now I need time to heal.

I’ve made my way out so I could breathe
Even though I still miss to have you near
I do know I did it for me,
And when my healing process allows me to feel whole
You won’t be the one opening the door
Five hundred years from now, to welcome me home…”


Snippets of Love – To leave

“She felt the need to leave
In order to breathe,
He asked if there was anything
He could say or do to stop this
But, to her, words were long overdue.

He told her he would be there waiting for her to
Come back, whenever she felt ready to.
She nodded but didn’t say a word
Because she couldn’t tell him he meant the world
And that was the reason why she had to go;
But what she didn’t know was that she too was his world
And that was why he stood there in silence watching her go.”

This is the first poem of a new (and hopefully long) collection of poems I’m planning to write. I decided I wanted to challenge myself by following an idea I had last year when I wrote a poem called Snippets of Love. The idea is, as the title says, to describe scenes and moments of love, so every Friday I will be posting a new little snippet. I hope I can convey this well enough from now on and that you all find it interesting too!

With Love,

This year for Halloween

“This year for Halloween,
I see you have chosen
For trick or treat
To trick me with your silence.

So watch out for the cauldron
Where witches’ might is pouring,
If you end up wrong wishing
Don’t blame me for the aftermath, darling.”

Wish you all a Happy Halloween and lots of chocolate! Have fun!

With Love,

Time (III)

“I don’t know if I’m running out of time
Standing here, heartbeat racing,
Or if I’m running faster than time
Going nowhere but always rushing.

The fog haunts my days as I can’t erase
The fact that I’m not moving
And stillness isn’t amusing
Whilst through my fingers time keeps slipping.

I had made a promise that I would fight this feeling –
No longer letting the sand in the hourglass intimidate me,
Putting an end to the judgmental thoughts I keep on pouring
So not to become the enemy in the mirror staring back at me…”


Previously, on the quest of carving time on a blank page: Time | Time (II)

Don’t follow me, my love

“Don’t follow me, my love
I’m known for being reckless,
Always choosing the wrong path,
I make mistakes look natural.

I can’t seem to get it right,
Too late every day or night;
Even when I’m stagnant
I manage to stay out of time.

I thought that staying quiet
Would help my helpless case
But even my silence has come
To be the end of a decade.

Oh darling, what am I supposed to do?
I wish I was bold enough to ask you,
Perhaps then I’d have a shoulder to cry on
Instead of doing it alone as I watch you moving on…”