We are waves

“We are waves of different oceans
Colliding with the sand at shore,
Reverberating different sounds:
You echo the laughter of freedom,
I, the cry of those who think they’re lost.

Gods of wars and nature have never seen
The talent, the misguiding act,
A mischief behavior of water and heart,
Settling to challenge with such an art
The course of action, changing the math
Against the moon, the years and the seasons
Defying every single unconceivable reason
To find another wave lost amidst another sea,
To find a place where we could solemnly be
Without having to reach out for an explanation,
A way out of an endless miscommunication
Setting apart our hearts from what’s theirs and ours
Counting the minutes and the hours
For it to be finally true, for us to be me and you.

Defying gravity sounds easier to me now
For we have lost the ground,
There’s no sand above the water
Only thunder and storms of crying gods in hunger;
Against us we have all the odds
And we shall remain to be the same
Distant waves in different seas
Wishing, whispering, dreaming of you and me…”



I try

“I have been following you, my love,
But the path has been too long
And a doubt has come to me
That there might never be an end to this…

I try to retrieve the look on your face
Whenever you see me,
I try to retain the words
You say to me every day,
I try to read in between the lines
Of how you might feel behind
The seriousness of your wary eyes
And yet I’m still lost, floating somewhere
Between here and wherever you might be at…

I try and try, that much is true,
But I’m afraid I won’t succeed
For my love for you hasn’t reached you still…”


Many promises

“I make myself many, many promises
Unaware or not that I might not keep them,
Hoping that wishing for them can be enough
For some stroke of luck to hit me.

I open up my heart time and again,
Desperately craving for something more
Like a kid at the candy shop
Desiring something sweeter
Than all he has tasted before.

Like a message in a bottle,
That gets stuck at shore,
I wonder if I’ll ever make it
To be peaceful and happy,
Having to wish no more…”


Tough love

“It is universally acknowledged how beautiful love is,
But tough love is the kind I happen to know better,
For the giver never gets what she pours out of her heart
Being left alone and bruised in the end, having to go back to the start
As she tries to learn how to stop herself from falling in someone else’s misleading art…”



“Sometimes, I feel like I’m confined inside myself,
Tongue tied in the prison of my own shell,
Unaware of how to break the spell
So to release my mind from hell…

Thoughts are a powerful sorcery
At withdrawing sense from reality,
A dark magic to the brain so tricky
Some would say to stop it should be easy.

Still, day by day, step by step,
One must keep going ahead,
Even when your exhausted head
Makes it harder to get out of bed…”


Can you

“Can you hear the sound of your voice
When silence falls over me?
Can you understand your actions
When I’m summoned to stillness?

The reflection of your ways
Show to be the opposite in mine,
How can we get out of this?
How can we communicate tonight?

Our bonds are dreadfully shrinking,
Not because of January’s cold,
But due to the words you’re speaking
Out of your unwillingness to listen…”