We were but strangers

“We were but strangers
In different pages,
Stuck like magnets,
Within a book in the cabinet.

I could use a reset
To forget the rest
Of the story we get
To, now, regret.

Despite the fade out, yellow pages still hold value,
After all, fables and myths can always dazzle you,
And I like to believe that, in time, we too will be
Saying wisely: it is what it is, not what it could be.”


More and more

“More and more, I have savoured
The silence I found untouched
Within the walls of a quiet home
When the sunset finds me on my own.

More and more, I have been thankful
For the peace I can’t take for granted,
As I try to list down the good and beautiful
Things, that have grown where I had them planted.

More and more, I have been careful
To not wish time away, keeping a watchful
Look, on the clock that ticks and tacks,
Teasing me with the hours I can’t get back.”


Under the willow tree

“Under the willow tree,
I’ve been looking for mysteries,
Hoping to find pieces of you in me,
As I follow the thread of leaves.

In my broken pieces and all in between,
There are echoes that call and curse you,
For if it’s true some of your dreams come true,
How many are worth what they cost you?

I have learned but I still caved in
For a taste of love in a tiny little sip
Of the river below that grants us in
Hoping we can find some peace within.”


Nothing left to say

“A wind chime whispers
Songs for the dream catcher,
Above the white whiskers
Of the black and white birdwatcher.

May the memories of today
Float in the space beyond our age,
Building up on the electric elegy
Of what it really means to live freely.

May the lullabies remember us
Bigger and better than we ever were,
For that would mean our dreams rose
And stood behind for us, sole amateurs.

To dream is a wider world
And the dreamer is in control
Of the fantasy that lives and stays
Even after there’s nothing left to say.”


A strange feeling

“A strange feeling falls, at sunset,
Over me, when I lay down to rest;
Maybe it’s caused by the summer heat
Or by the expectations I can’t meet.

Time flies and flies away from me
As I struggle to find the meaning
Behind everything and anything
That, like waves, sways in and out of reach.

I’ve been trying to surrender
To the fact there’s no redemption
Arc, waiting ahead, patiently, in a corner
Of a street I would end up by accident.

I must break resistance with action and
A will power I still need to nurture,
In order not to break from the pressure
That won’t transform me into a diamond.”


A good enough rapture

“I dream of summer rain
To wash way the pain,
Day after day after day,
Yesterday just as tiring as today.

Words have abandoned me,
Perhaps I’m no good company,
So they desert me, leaving me as wild as numb,
With my consciousness returning to its womb.

The melancholic search for an epithet for a tomb
Mildly transports me into sombre moods…
Isn’t it strange I have never had a muse?
Or is it solely my nature to be alone and confused?

The rain doesn’t come and the darkness I’ve created
Isn’t, it has never been, enough to keep me stranded;
Thoughts and rhymes still sprout in me like flowers out of season –
Sadly, they aren’t good, but, to me, it’s a good enough rapture.”


I will still try

“I have lost myself in people and places,
Been too many times in-between stages
Of loneliness and playing all my aces,
Too afraid of how everything changes.

Drowning in the turmoil of my own waves,
I know I have waved too many goodbyes to stand a chance
Of breathing after the aftermath that took ages
To come, only to enrage me with its embrace.

I have yet to find myself within my heart,
Hiding won’t keep me safe after dark,
And even though growing up isn’t easy, I will still try
To make my impossible dreams come to life.”


Endless summer nights

“On endless summer nights,
I carve your name on every side
Of my ruthless, spinning mind
So I believe we will be alright.

Distance is a desert and I am weak,
Always wondering about what ifs,
Even when I know for certain we will meet
When summer turns, to yellow, the autumn leaves.

Still, I keep whispering your name to the stars
To make sure they remember you’re my satellite,
For I know I am whole on my own but my heart lacks
Someone who could hold it carefully for a little while.”


Heat wave

“In the heat wave, cicadas’ song
Rises higher than my own
Spirit; laying here, fragile, just waiting
For the start of a new beginning.

In the haze of my sluggish mind
My inspiration has plenty of time
To create castles in the air before
Day dreams turn into something more.

Expectations lie awake with me,
Picture perfect of a future not yet here,
I know I have been burned by them many times
But, for now, I’ll blame the heat for the spark in my eyes.”


Would you remind me

“If I fold myself up
Like a thin piece of paper,
Would you kindly unfold me
So to read the words of my tired soul?

If I’m a constant mess up
Who forgets we all matter,
Would you patiently remind me
I am still whole?

If I can’t no longer look up,
Feeling like I’m about to shatter,
Would you remind me
I will always be worthy of love?”