Hearts Desire

“Waves of delight
In your eyes,
A warm of pride
In my heart,
Whenever we follow
What our hearts desire.”




“I may listen but I don’t hear,
I might look but I don’t see,
For I am trapped inside
The swirl of my own mind
Becoming my own enemy,
As I stand still in the middle
Of a daunting battlefield
Where reason isn’t winning
And doubtful feelings are blooming.”



“I feel like I’m falling behind,
Missing clues on the quiz of life.
But while missing figures on a painting
Is all so very interesting,
Nothing feels right in my life
As if all is happening out of time.

You keep running around and I don’t follow,
I’m not eager to spend time going in circles,
As it appears the madness as arrived
And I don’t know how you can lie
As easily as you leave me standing alone,
Knowing I keep falling apart.”


Sunday Sunny Thoughts – October, 15

Being busy, usually leads me to follow each day keeping in mind my crazy college schedule. On my head, days and hours are ruled by what is set on my agenda. I know days and weeks by heart until the very end of the semester. Yet, other important dates fall sort on my memory and I end up being surprised with reminders set on my phone. Last week, it was WordPress turn to surprise me by letting me know this blog turned 3yrs on Thursday. Really? Has it been that long?

So it appears that I have been ranting online for quite some time now – don’t really know how this idea makes me feel. These have been 3 years of ups and downs in life in general as much as in writing. Yet, I’m still around as self-doubtful as always, but also very strongly attached to writing to actually give it up any time soon.

My constant and dreadful fight on the quality of my writings as filled my thoughts long enough to make me consider I would never be a good writer – or a good anything. I’m still growing and battling, pushing through self-doubt and lack of confidence as much as before. The truth is that now I know I need to write in order to ease the thoughts and feelings inside.

To all of you that have been here following this blog, reading the wreck I can be sometimes, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Do know your words mean a lot to me on a daily basis and they encourage me to keep going and to keep

We are all fighting our battles
but we are also building our castles.

With Love,