Quietly hoping

“So much of me lives in
The words I write, just so I
Can learn to breathe in
Easily whenever I cry.

Thoughts are a whirlwind
I can’t quite tame –
With each step I take
I wait for changes to come with the wind…

Time doesn’t stop
And I remain unfazed by the clock,
Wondering where my path leads
Nowadays, given all tracks seem empty.

I grab a pen and I let it all fade
Into nothing
But silence,
That destiny
Always finds me writing…”


Late-night melody

“Angels singing in the night,
They know I’m not alright,
So they patiently watch over me,
In harmony with the nightingale.

I stay awake – no sleep, no rest –
Can’t erase these thoughts from my head,
I keep revolving them round the clock, it’s a mess,
Two a.m., is anyone out there?

Of the nightingale, my anxiety could care less,
I am restless, trying to breathe in the melody
Brought to me by the late-night breeze,
Unaware of why my heart’s racing like this.

The ceiling’s starless and the seconds have no mercy,
Don’t want to be ungrateful but it looks like my happy ending
Is nothing more than impatiently waiting
For something good to finally come to fruition…”



“Back and forth,
In a flower blooming field,
I dance with the wind
As it softly whispers
Names of long-lost souls,
So I get to know their stories,
Solely in the distance.

In this whimsical existence,
Time and space spread what ifs,
A seed of creativity that feeds
Tales of lifetimes forgotten for years…”


Reason why

“He spotted the coffee stain
In the seam of her white shirt,
She was oblivious to it,
She was in a hurry that day.

One Spring, their paths collided
In a beautiful colourful garden,
Later on, they departed
When she found herself empty hearted.

For reasons unknown to the own reason,
Her broken heart could still miss him –
No matter how hollow it felt, she was still healing,
Learning the waves of emptiness and longing.

Her eyes are a deep, large ocean
Crying salty drops of emotion,
And every night the ceiling is her starless sky
Whilst she tries to find the reason why…”


Moon’s tide

“Like the waves in the sea
You come back to me,
Never staying, only kissing
The sand under my feet.

Your salt covers me; it burns
And cuts through
My still open wounds,
Bleeding foolishly for you.

Deepened heartache,
What am I to do with you?
If you’re staying at the wake,
I can’t go far or my heart will break.

I sit in my solitude as I try to understand
Cutting the string isn’t enough for you to leave,
In the end, the tide always kisses the sand,
Following the plans that the moon weaves…”


Time (IV)

“The green disappears
In the middle of the battlefield,
They got nothing on me
As I walk through it.

The son of a witch
Wrinkles his sheets
During nightmares that last for weeks.

The fisherman’s daughter
Used to paint beautiful canvas,
Now she forgets her brushes in cold water.

The old man sitting on the porch
Would greet everyone good morning,
Now he keeps his head down in mourning.

The old maid dressed in white
Loved tragic, beautiful rhymes,
But lately she’s forgotten where her books lie.

Time, ruthless, wondrous time,
Misery grows in forgotten gardens,
Like grains of sand under our footsteps
And slipping through strangers’ fingers, for centuries…

Life, ruthless, beautiful life,
We hold onto nothing most of the time,
Spreading seeds of hopefulness with tears in our eyes,
How long have humans hoped for better days to arrive?”


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Note: I wrote the idea for this poem at half past midnight. My sleepy brain was onto something, but I dare say I wasn’t able to grasp the meaning when I went back to look at it in the daylight. I worked on it to showcase the passing of time and how our experiences can be so different throughout time and space. I hope you like it! Stay safe and take care!

With Love,


“My heart is a sun storm,
A warrior battling for more
Than all the empty words
It has repeatedly been offered.

With moon tears
Rolling down my face,
Help me to erase the fears
That keep growing inside me.

Helpless, silent cry
Nothing is quite right,
But the moon still rises,
The sea still dances.

And a new day always follows,
Putting down my insomnia to rest;
I might not be there yet,
But one day I’ll wake up
And I know I’ll feel better
Than I did yesterday…”


Red flame

“A blue flame turns red –
I don’t know
If it’s by love or rage,
All I know
Is, it has changed.

A red flame burns brighter,
It aims higher;
Rightfully braver,
It can be hard to stop her.

In her trail, a path of black,
A distortion of Midas touch;
Be careful with exhaustion,
What’ll happen if it burns too much?”


Roll the dice

“Staring straight the eyes of fate
Telling it to roll the dice,
I know I might pay the price,
But I’ll never be someone I despise.

I vow to carry the weight
Of trials, failures and time;
I’ll keep my head high,
Nurturing strength to survive.

I’ll show myself how much I’ve learned
From years of struggles I kept inside,
My only solace in my solitude
Kept warm by the words I write.”


Last time

“Let me kiss you one last time,
Before we say goodbye
And the distance turns off the light
Our love has once shone so bright.

Let me tell you one last time,
It will take a while to forget your heart;
Mine still knows its singsong tonight,
How long will it take for me to not get it right?

Let me hug you one last time,
Before we vanish into thin air,
For just as the wind tangles my hair,
Life will weave our paths far away…”