Time to heal

“Time can’t change the past,
In all honesty, it only resonates
The fact that you are gone
And I’m left with wounds to heal,
As I learn to live in the silence
That has grown inside me
Without you here…”


Yes, I know: I have been away, again, but I couldn’t have possibly forced myself to write during the not so lovely European heat wave that seems to have melted down most of my creative brain cells.

Also, a little disclaimer: I haven’t been liking any of my most recent work; nonetheless, for the next few days, I will still be posting it… So, yeah, get ready, don’t get your expectations too high and bear with me on a tiny, weak week of poetry from me to you.

Oh and yes, I still got you all some chocolate! 😉

With Love,


Have you ever

“Have you ever felt so powerless
As if all you ever wanted
Forced you to go against the tide,
Compromising the flow of the world,
Feeling anxious in a sea of people,
The most alone you have ever felt before?

You had to sail miles and miles until
You could finally hold onto the wheel of your ship
And become the captain of your soul,
Making sure you got to the shore safe and sound.

Knowing you might haven’t found
Paradise with the sand underneath your feet,
You are still certain you now got
Plenty of places to go and be the person
You have always wished you could be…”


To Grow

“Pencil marks on the wall
Record down your height
Up until when your body stopped growing
For now you grow only inside.

Every year that goes by
You try to make it out alright,
Learning how to deal with demons
And the difference between
Prioritize and sacrifice.

Grow and outgrow
And welcome with open arms
Whatever the future,
For you, might hold.”



“Regret, wrong, mistaken
Years have been taken,
Heads spinning, hearts racing,
Where have you gone?
Where did this all take me?

What a mess, no sense,
No reason to beg;
The silence surrounds us
Or is it just the fog
Of another morning?

I’m no good at making decisions,
Last goodbyes, final calls;
Tears I have cried I own them all
And of fears I have a pile on the floor.

I beg… – no! Stop!
There’s no use for that,
No begging, no words,
Just feel and let go;
Say yes or say no,
Stick to the status quo,
But break free
And think outside the box
Whilst you are still here.

Simple as opposites can be,
To maintain the basics
Whilst shaking the normality,
Without losing the balance of your routine
As you remember you are tightrope walking…

And, in the end,
How bad can it be to face a fall for one more risk, after all?


Still whole

“The lights are on but you hide in the silence,
Mischief, misguided, lose ends provided
Loneliness to be an arrow across my chest,
A stab on the heart where my love for you once stayed.

I have given you up before,
And ever since, I hide in the shadows alone,
So I have learned to be myself without you
And believe it or not without you I’m still whole…”



“The earthquake inside you
Throws you to the ground;
You throw your fists in the air
Demanding to fight destiny to the death.

The wars you have fought in the past
Come rushing through your mind,
Lessons learned build the reprise
And you are left haunted one more time
Wondering if you should turn right or wrong…

The crossroads of life have always
Left you drained, lying lonely
On a pavement of sorrows and coal,
As taking decisions one by one
Build up a pile of uncertainties and outcomes
You have always dreaded to see coming…”



“The light that defeats the darkness,
Pure and strong sprinkles of magic,
Reinforce hope and strength inside me
To battle through life with courage,
Knowing no storm will ever last
Too long, that I can’t through it get past.”