December Wish


It is surreal we are here. You know what I mean? December is here. The year is ending… My schedule has been pretty busy and whenever I get a few seconds to look properly at the day we’re at, the idea of time always hits me. Time keeps rolling. It ticks and tocks away.

This December I wish I’m able to not let moments pass me by so quickly. I want to be able to feel like I am indeed living and not just rushing through days and weeks and months. We are always thinking ahead and sometimes we forget to focus on the moment. We forget to live in the present day. Right now. Take a deep breathe. Relax. Smile. Pinch yourself if that’s the only thing that will wake you up from your numbness. Don’t be numb. Don’t get used to your daily routine. Don’t fall in the trap of time. Live. Do something out of the box from time to time. Break your routine. Live. Make memories for time ticks and tocks won’t stop no matter how sometimes we wished they did…

Hope you all have a wonderful December!

With Love,

Photo Credit: A huge thanks to my dearest friend Isra and her sisters for taking this Christmassy photo for me! 🙂 A wonderful December for all of you! Love you all 


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