Snippets of Love – To leave

“She felt the need to leave
In order to breathe,
He asked if there was anything
He could say or do to stop this
But, to her, words were long overdue.

He told her he would be there waiting for her to
Come back, whenever she felt ready to.
She nodded but didn’t say a word
Because she couldn’t tell him he meant the world
And that was the reason why she had to go;
But what she didn’t know was that she too was his world
And that was why he stood there in silence watching her go.”

This is the first poem of a new (and hopefully long) collection of poems I’m planning to write. I decided I wanted to challenge myself by following an idea I had last year when I wrote a poem called Snippets of Love. The idea is, as the title says, to describe scenes and moments of love, so every Friday I will be posting a new little snippet. I hope I can convey this well enough from now on and that you all find it interesting too!

With Love,


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